References and Testimonials

"My computer was running slow for almost two years and I was unsuccessful in having it repaired elsewhere. Thankfully, I was recommended Red Sky Computers.
Joe, the owner, is clearly very skilled and knowledgeable. He made a home visit, quickly assessed the problem and repaired the computer. It runs like new! I'm so grateful.
Thank you, Joe.
Dr. Bridget Gallagher, Cobourg.

"[...] fantastic, he got us a new computer and came over and hooked it up for us, then got our wi-fi working. He even came over after hours (it was 8 at night, just so we'd have wi-fi). I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family!"  -- Connie Cooper

"[...] after we sorted out through the problems I was having, we went on to other small things that were frustrating me. He was patient and explained things in a way that matched my level. Great service!" -- John Main, Kingston, ON

"[...] a great person to call to help with computer problems. He is very knowledgeable, patient and not only explains things well, but can decipher what I am trying to express to him about my frustrations with my laptop. He used to help me twenty years ago when he was just a kid and now as an adult he is very professional. I highly recommend him to anyone needing any computer assistance." -- Kay Chornook

"Super happy with timing and service!!! Friendly and helped above and beyond!!!" -- Amanda Spencley Ferguson